Modules for the M4016 and H7 stations

  • 16 binary inpust switched against GND
  • 6 switching relays of 250V/6A
  • Connection via the RS485
  • 35mm DIN Mounting Rail Enclosure
DV3 External binary I/O module

External I/O for the M4016 station

  • 4 binary inputs switched against GND
  • 3 switching relays of 250V/6A
  • Connection via the RS485
  • 35mm DIN Mounting Rail Enclosure
MAV420 External analog output module
  • ctive galvanically isolated analog output of 4-20 mA
  • Up to 16 outputs via the RS485 - one module for each measurement channel
  • 35mm DIN Mounting Rail Enclosure
  • Manual control from the monitoring station M4016 available
MEK1 External communication module of RS-232 / MODBUS_RTU
  • Intelligent RS485 / RS232 converter
  • MODBUS_RTU protocol on the RS232 line
  • Other protocols on request
  • 35mm DIN Mounting Rail Enclosure
METEO converter

Connectable to:

  • 1x W1 or W2 Anemometer
  • 2x RV12 relative humidity and temperature probe
  • 2x SG002 or CMP3 global radiation probe

External converter for accurate temperature measurement via the Pt100-A probes

  • Monitoring temperatures at different water and soil depths
  • High IP68 degree of protection (continuous immersion in water)
  • Resolution up to 0.001 °C, measurement range from -50 °C to +80 °C
  • Communication with the FIEDLER stations via the RS485 interface
PREVOD-03 Converter of communication protocols
Connection of YSI probes and the devices from ISCO to the M4016 via the RS485 serial interface.
SR24A-SR Control valve actuator

Modulating rotary actuator for 2 and 3-way control ball valves

  • Torque (nominal torque): min. 20 Nm at nominal voltage.
  • Nominal voltage AC/DC 24 V; high functional reliability
  • Straightforward direct mounting on the ball valve with only one screw.

OPTO hub of probes signal
Duplication and galvanic separation of pulses from OPTO (REED) probe to 3 additional outputs (open collector).