METEO converter between weather probes and the M4016

METEO converter for connection of meteorological sensors to M4016

The converter between meteorological sensors and the unit M4016. With one converter can be connected:

  • 1x Anemometer W1 or W2
  • 2x sensor of relative air humidity and air temperature RV12
  • 2x sensor of global radiac SG002 or CMP3

Connection of meteorologicall sensores with the converter METEO

Measured values from connected sensors are saved in separated channels, which are readable by protocol FINET via serial interface RS485 and consequently are saved in measuring channels of the connected unit M4016.


Variation of the converter METEO

If the converter METEO is placed inside of the unit M4016, separate cables of sensors are connected with the converter by a screw terminal. This variation of the converter is in the next pictures.


METEO - connection of the srew terminal