TEP-06 external module for measurement of up to 6 temperatures

TEP-08 external module for measurement of up to 8 temperatures

Basic describtion

Measuring modules TEP-08 and TEP08/S are designed for measurement of 8 temperatures by standard sensors Pt100. These temperature sensores can either be included in the module TEP-08, which are with cables in recuired lenghts and permanently module connected, or are connected with the module TEP-08/S  via a screw terminal. Temperature sensores are connected with the module TEP-08/S via four-wire cable. Therefore, the cable length does not affect the measurement accuracy.

Module communication with the unit M4016 or STELA

The recording unit M4016 or STELA communicates with the module TEP-08 (TEP-08/S) via serial interface RS485 by protocol FINET. The producer has pre-set the address of TEP-08 on address number 4. If you want to connect more temperature modules TEP-08, it is neccessary to set a different address for the rest of modules. The producer does the changing of addresses in the module. Measuring channels from 1 to 8 are assigned to marked temperature sensores Pt100 in the same order from 1 to 8.

Design of the module TEP-08

Fixed connection of sensors to module provides reliable temperature measurement even if the module is permanently submerged in water or permantently placed in humid environments. The whole module including the cables attached to sensors is casted-in a special polyurethane material. It is neccessary to specify the length of cables to individual sensrors. The maximum length of a cable is 50m.

Design of the module TEP-08/S

The screw terminal placed on the module TEP-08/S allows to connect user own sensors Pt100. The four-wire connection is described on the following picture. Cable outlets together connected are marked b (white) and h (brown). The other side of sensor has

  TEP-08-S module connection in a screw terminal