Flow meters

H7 Telemetric station, FIEDLER

Multifunctional telemetric station for the data collection, flow measurement and control of water technologies

  • Up to 96 automatic recording channels, up to 208 binary recording channels
  • Encrypted data transfers to a server via an internal GSM / GPRS module
  • Intuitive controls and a clear menu, the variety of language versions
Průtokoměr Q2

Dual channel flowmeter for open profiles

  • Inputs for connecting of ultrasonic, radar and hydrostatic level probes
  • Preset rate equations for the common measurement flumes and weirs
  • Speed KDO probe (Q2-KDO) connection possible
  • Large color display, intuitive menu and a variety of the language versions
M4016 Flow meter
  • Basic 16 channel station for the flow measuring in open profiles
  • Inputs for measuring of one or more level meters
  • Immediate archiving of flow and daily and monthly volumes
  • M4016-G3 with an internal GSM module - transmit of measured and calculated flows to the server (graphs, reports, ..)
M2001Q Flow meter
  • Single-channel station for the flow measurement in open channel
  • Input for connection of one ultrasonic or strain gauge level probe
  • Optional archiving interval from 1 minute to 1440 minutes
  • Daily flowed volumes can be displayed on the screen
  • Favourable price
Průtokoměr M4016-KDO
  • Battery and AC powered water meter with a level probe and a speed probe
  • High measuring range up to 6 m/s in both directions
  • Design for installation on the bottom of the sewer and the pipeline
  • Calculation of the instantaneous flow rate and total flow in the M4016 station
  • Recording and automatic data transfer to the server on the Internet
PF500 Shuttle tilt flowmeter
  • Measuring of the instantaneous flow rate and total flow
  • Durable stainless steel, easy calibration
  • No V-notch weir, level probe, and external power supply required (fully battery powered)
  • Shuttle volume of 500 ml
  • Flipping detected by a short relay closure
  • Connectable to all telemetric and recording stations with a pulse output