Telemetric stations and data loggers accessories

AC power supplies

Power supplies for all types of telemetric stations, level, flow, and pH-meters and all other devices and for the station spare battery charging.

Solar panels
  • SOLAR 2W, 5W, SOLAR 10W, SOLAR 15W and SOLAR 20W
  • Charging of maintenance-free batteries of the telemetry stations
  • Optional stainless steel bracket
  • Maintenance-free gel 12-volt batteries with a long service life
  • Batteries powering the M4016 and HydroLogger H1 telemetric stations
  • Wide range of capacities from 7 Ah to 42 Ah
GSM Antennas

GSM antennas for the M4016, STELA and HYDRO-LOGGER H1 telemetric stations

Communication cables
  • Communication cables for connecting the stations and telemetric data logger to a PC or laptop via the RS-232 serial port.
  • Proven and reliable RS-232 / USB transducer
  • External I/O for the M4016 station
  • Accurate measuring modules
  • Special devices for single purpose applications
  • Converters of communication protocols