pH and water temperature measurement

pH and water temperature probe
  • pH and water temperature probe for open streams, water tanks, and field installation
  • Ability to connect multiple ESP11 probes to one station via the RS485 interface
  • Rugged design with a replaceable electrode, probe length from 50 cm to 2 m
  • Lower price than the M2001-EP assembly, calibration from the M4016 station or PC 
Set for a pH and temperature measurement
  • Designed for wastewater treatment plants and industrial facilities
  • Set of the ESP11 probe and a calibration station
  • pH and water temperature instantaneously displayed
  • Easy calibration with the station keyboard at the measuring point
  • 3 programmable relays and 1 (2) analog output of 4-20 mA
  • Connecting of the calibration station to the M4016 station via the DCL communication
HC253-C Combined pH electrode
HC253-C Combined pH electrode for ESP11 probes
pH buffer set