Water-quality control stations

H7 Telemetric station, FIEDLER

Multifunctional telemetric station for the data collection, flow measurement and control of water technologies

  • Up to 96 automatic recording channels, up to 208 binary recording channels
  • Encrypted data transfers to a server via an internal GSM / GPRS module
  • Intuitive controls and a clear menu, the variety of language versions
E2 Hydro Controller

Dual-channel display, calibration and control station for the water qualitative parameter probes

  • Simultaneous connection of two independent probes
  • 2 PID controllers
  • 4 customizable relays and two 4-20 mA current outputs
  • Available versions with the internal GSM/GPRS communication module
  • Comprehensive management of water industry facilities (WWTP, pumping stations, storage water tanks)
  • Telemetric and limnigraphic station, meteorological station, warning system
  • Build-in GSM/GPRS module: warning and control SMS, data transfers into the Internet
  • Software support for the communication between devices, time and logic control of relay, etc.
  • Modular system ensuring the high versatility of the stations

Single channel display and calibration station

  • Most sensors and probes connectable
  • Current output of 4-20 mA
  • 3 binary outputs (relays)
  • Low cost, simple operation