Global radiation probes

SG002 Pyranometer: Global radiation probe
  • Sensitivity of 0-1200 W/m2
  • Voltage output of 0-2V
  • M12 connection plug
  • Mounting on a mandrel of a diameter of 12mm
  • Low cost radiometer for accurate routine measurements
  • ISO 9060 Second Class
  • Weatherproof cable connector
  • Easy way of leveling the instrument
CMP11 Pyranometer

High precision pyranometer with an excellent linearity from Kipp & Zonen

  • Spectral range from 285 to 2800 nm
  • ISO 9060 Secondary Standard
  • Long-term output stability better than 1% per year
Albedo bracket
  • 2 pyranometer bracket
  • Simultaneous measurement of the incident and reflected radiation