Temperature and heat flux probes

PT100-XM temperature probe
  • Pt100 platinum temperature sensor
  • Stainless steel protection casing
  • Durable PUR cable
  • Accurate and stable (Class A) probe, accuracy < ±0.15 °C when 0°C
  • Precise and long term stable liquids or air temperature probe
  • Precise Pt100 sensor (Class A)
  • Very stable evaluation electronics (temperature dependence max 5 ppm)
  • Resolution up to 0.001 °C, measuring range from -50 °C to +80 °C
  • Digital data output via the RS485 connectable to all offered data loggers and phone stations

Temperature and humidity probes protection against the radiation and rain

  • UV-stable plastic material with a high whiteness reflecting the most of the incident radiation
  • Optional 5 or 7 slats (according to the probe size/length)
  • Universal stainless steel bracket

External converter for accurate temperature measurement via the Pt100-A probes

  • Monitoring temperatures at different water and soil depths
  • High IP68 degree of protection (continuous immersion in water)
  • Resolution up to 0.001 °C, measurement range from -50 °C to +80 °C
  • Communication with the FIEDLER stations via the RS485 interface

Ceramic probe of diameter of 80 mm with a very low thermal resistance

  • Heat flow measurement in soil and building structures
  • Passive sensor with a high sensitivity (50 uV/W.m2)
  • Easily connectable to the MINILOG and via the amplifier to the M4016 station
MINILOG - Data logger for precise measurements

Precise temperature measurement

  • High accuracy temperature measurement with a resolution of 0.1 °C to 0,001 °C 
  • Delivered with 1 to 6 Pt100 temperature probes and a PUR cable of 1 to 30 m
  • Two pulse inputs for the events and precipitation recording
  • IP67 degree of protection and the battery of up to 20 years of operation