Warning rain gauge station

Srážkoměrná stanice TS-314



  • Rainfall measurement
  • Calculation of the moving average rainfall for the selected time period
  • Warning SMS, when exceeding the defined limits
  • Graphical and tabular visualization of data on a server accessible via a web browser, including the exports of measured data and reports into the client PC
  • Data transmissions compatible with the network of limnigraphic stations operated by the Czech Hydro-meteorological Institute (ČHMÚ) and Povodí enterprises
  • More than 5 years of operation without the battery replacement
  • The heated version of rain gauges for year-round operation
  • Expandable measured quantities of the air (soil) temperature and the monitoring of the soil moisture
  • Very low operating costs 



  • Rainfall measurement with the automatic transmission of measured values for the further evaluation and processing
  • Rain gauge networks building
  • Flood-warning systems
  • Detection of torrential or long lasting rain with a large rainfall 


The rain gauges of the local warning system are the first to inform of the impending danger, after the rainfall exceeded the limit.  The warning SMS messages are sent and the measured values are send to a server in the extraordinary data session.

The data is displayed to the legitimate clients on the server.  The FIEDLER operates a freely accessible server at www.hladiny.cz. There are displayed the graphs and tables from the gauging stations and the basic two-day and weekly charts, obtained from the rain gauges of the local warning systems (LVS) of the towns and villages.  The data from these stations are available to the public (with the owner's permission) and can serve to raise the awareness of the residents in the affected areas.

graf srážek a průtoků

All 3 types of the rain gauge stations consist of the shuttle rain gauge and the telemetry station.  Its name is based on the size of the collecting area (in cm2). The smallest gauge (SR02), 200 cm2, belongs to the TS-200 station.  This is the cheapest type of the rain gauge with a resolution of 0.2 mm/pulse.  The other two sets (TS-314 and TS-500) are able to record the rain intensity with a resolution of 0.1 mm / pulse. 

For its year-round operation, it is possible to order a heated version of the rain gauges (for TS-200 and TS-500).

The multichannel telemetry station allows to save the other measured variables such as temperature or humidity (saturation) of the soil to the free channels.  Free channels can also be used to calculate the moving sum of precipitation over a set time period (e.g. 30 mins, 2 hrs, etc.).

srážkoměry v mapě

Operating costs

The operating expenses of one rain gauge station consist of payments to the GSM operator for the transmitted data and the server rental and related services (datahosting).

Price list