Electrochemical measurement of dissolved oxygen

  • Dissolved oxygen and water temperature sensor for open streams and tanks
  • Possibility of direct connection of the sensor to the control unit via the RS485 interface
  • Robust design with replaceable electrode, sensor length from 50cm to 2m
  • Lower price compared to the M2001-EK set, calibration from the M4016 unit or from a PC
  • Possible connection of several sensors to one station E2, H3, H7, ... one RS485 bus
OC 254 - kyslíkové čidlo do snímače ESK11
OC 254 - oxygen sensor for ESK11

Replacement diaphragm for OC253-C sensor



Elektrolyt pro kyslíkové čidlo OC254-C

Electrolyte for oxygen sensor OC254-C