detektor deště RDH11


The RDH11 rain detector is used to detect rain or snowfall. During the rain, the binary output of the detector is activated, which can control the connected technology or roof windows, awnings, etc. The binary output can also be used to record the duration of the collision in the connected recording unit (M4016, H1, H7, H40, ...) using the binary input of the unit. In addition, it is possible to store in the recording unit orientation information about the rain intensity in the range of 0 to 100%, which can be obtained from the RDH11 detector via the RS485 bus (Modbus RTU or FINET protocols). The surface temperature of the detector and the ambient temperature measured in the base of the detector at the stainless steel holder can also be read from the detector via the same bus.

For the duration of the rain, the durable corundum sensor is heated with a voltage of 10 to 24 V DC so that its temperature exceeds the ambient temperature by a few degrees (default setting 20 °C).

The required temperature difference when heating the surface of the ceramic sensor, delayed switching on and off of the binary output and its hysteresis and some other parameters are user-adjustable via the RS485 interface under Modbus RTU or FINET protocols.

detektor deště RDH11

The RDH11 detector is supplied either as a separate unit, including a stainless steel holder, which is used to mount the detector on a vertical wall or mast, or as part of the RK6 radiation cover, which can be used for accurate temperature and humidity measurement using TEP01 or RVT11-13 sensors.

Technical parameters

Sensor typecapacitive ceramic sensor
Binary outputopen collector, max 30V/2A, closed in case of rain or snow
Digital outputRS485 (approximate value of precipitation intensity on a scale of 0 to 100%)
Communication protocolsModbus RTU, FINET
Power voltage10 .. 24 V DC
Current consumption 
Sensor diameter30 mm
Rozměry detektorudiameter 50 mm, height 35 mm
Detector materialABS
Power and communication cablel5-core PUR cable, standard length 3 m
Price list