Measurement in Water Supply Network

Měření tlaku a průtoků na vodovodním řadu Our company offers several data loggers – telemetric stations which are made for monitoring current water-flows, pressures and water-level in water tanks, manholes, water preparing plants, etc. All devices are suitable for permanent running in wet and aggressive places.

All devices have built-in a GSM/GPRS module which transfers measured data into the server database (data hosting).

Small telemetric station STELA

Inputs allow stations to connect 2 OPTO flow sensors and 2 REED flow sensors or other binary sensors of manholes and enter the building. Furthermore, this station has 2 current inputs 4-20mA for a pressure or water-level measurement. The build-in GSM/GPRS modem supports data transferring into the server and sends warning SMS or emails. Internal lithium batteries allow up to five years of operation without replacements.

Telemetric station M4016-G3

Unlike the previous logger, this station has 8 pulse inputs and 6 analogue inputs, a large display for displaying of instantaneous and cumulated flow values and other measured values. The GSM/GPRS module is the same as in the station STELA. The station M4016-G3 has a maintenance-free gel battery which could be recharged by a solar panel or  by night lighting during the night. The station can work approximately 6 months without recharging. Warning SMS mesage sending and software is the same lika in STELA stations.


This newly developed device is a similarity of a small telemetric station STELA. Unlike it, H1 has a screen for easier installation and GSM antenna arranging. Inside are several terminal blocks which relieve installation and sensors connexion. The number of recording channels is limited for 8.

GSM/GPRS/SMS communication

Data loggers have standard communication module for transmitting data to the server via GPRS. It is possible to order data loggers in a version without this module and retrieve data from the device cable to your PC. In this case is necessary to have installed the program MOST  in the PC.

OPTO sensor for water-meters. Měření tlaku a průtoků na vodovodním řadu

We can supply appropriate OPTO sensor according to used flow-meter. OPTO sensors are controlled by microprocessor with very low power consumption. 

Measurement of pressures and water-levels

Our supplied pressure sensors of water-level have modified power supply voltage so that they can be directly connected to all above-mentioned telemetric stations. We supply standard submersible sensors or sensors for installation in welded on piece (lower price).

Server software

Měření tlaku a průtoků na vodovodním řadu Data stored in the database on the server are open to permited clients through a web browser. Data can be downloaded from the server to your own PC, you can print a tablets of daily and monthly flows. Of course, there is a possibility to configure own charts for quick preview of the measured data and not missing special functions such as an automatic search of the minimum daily flow for the early detection of progressive developing of leaks, automatically sending e-mails after completing pre-set conditions, and many other features.