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User guide M4016-G (-L, -A)

Registration and control unit, Telemetric station, Flow meter, ...

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Datasheet - Devices for water service

M4016 - Measurement of flows and levels, controlling of technology of water treatement plants, pumping stations and water storage tanks

Datasheet Hydro Logger H1

Small telemetric station for water supply applications

Datasheet Hydro-Logger H40-TSH22

Water level and temperature monitoring

Datasheet M2001-EK (-EP, ER)

Sets for measurement of absorbed oxygen, pH and ORP

Datasheet M4016-G, (-A, -L)

Universal Registration and Control unit

Datasheet Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring - Water meter and meteorological stations, data transfers into the Internet

Datasheet STELA-1

Small telemetric station - GSM data logger

Datasheet Telemetry

Data transfer and processing from M4016, STELA and Hydro-Logger H1

Datasheet Warning System

Water meter and gauge stations for a flood warning system