Small telemetric stations and data loggers

Hydro Logger H1

Small telemetric stations for water supply applications

  • Measurement of flow, water level and pressures in water tanks, pumping stations and WWTP
  • Battery for 4.000 data sessions to the server
  • Possibility of external power supply for a permanent free-maintenance operation
  • Graphic display enabling the checking of measured values and quick installation
STELA Small telemetric station
  • Rugged design and the operational time of build-in lithium battery up to 8 years
  • Build-in GSM/GPRS modem, data transfers to the Internet, warning SMS
  • 2 or 4 batteries according to the required operating time and the measurement frequency
  • Analogue, pulse and binary inputs, RS485
Hydro Logger H40

Small compact Hydro Logger for the water industry and environmental monitoring

  • Compact stainless steel design with a diameter of only 40 mm, installation into narrow bores
  • Data transferring into the server via the GSM / GPRS module
  • Very low power consumption for long-term monitoring of sites without an external power supply
  • Low purchase price and operating costs, including the possibility of delivery of M2M SIM cards
MINILOG - Data logger for precise measurements

Precise temperature measurement

  • High accuracy temperature measurement with a resolution of 0.1 °C to 0,001 °C 
  • Delivered with 1 to 6 Pt100 temperature probes and a PUR cable of 1 to 30 m
  • Two pulse inputs for the events and precipitation recording
  • IP67 degree of protection and the battery of up to 20 years of operation