M4016-CS pumping station control unit

Jednotka pro řízení ČS, GPRS Datalogger, telemetrie 

  • Pump group control
  • Hours of operation, monitoring of runs and faults, outages and shifts
  • Built-in GSM/GPRS + SMS communication module
  • Monitoring with GSM/GPRS data transfers to the control room
  • Wireless SMS communication with a remote reservoir
  • SMS warning system
  • Measurement and recording of levels, temperatures, pH, ...
  • Design inside and outside the cabinet

The unit type M4016-CS was created as a cheaper variant of the unit M4016-G and its software is designed to control pumps in sludge sumps. Therefore, it contains all the necessary functions such as control of tripping in the event of a failure of one of the pumps, sending warning SMS in the event of a pump failure or after exceeding the monitored level outside the preset limits, etc.

The only limitation of this telemetry station variant against the M4016-G unit is the inability to register the amount of water flowed through and therefore it cannot be used as a flow meter.


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