Weather stations

  • Precise and durable measuring station using the M4016, H1 or H7 stations
  • Up to 100 recording channels, a wide range of sensors and probes
  • Built-in GSM/GPRS module for automatic data transfers
  • No external power supply required; low current consumption
  • Easy expansion of additional sensors and probes
  • Snow weight measurement (special snow pillow)
  • Snow depth ultrasonic probe
  • Air and soil temperature multipoint measurement
  • Ability to connect the anemometer, the volume of melt water flow probe and other sensors and probes
  • Automatic data transfers to the server, warning SMS
  • Vapor measuring assembly with a transmission of measured data to a server
  • Automatically regulated water replenishment and pumping
  • Temperature, wind speed and direction, and global radiation measurement
  • Evaporimeter standard area of 0.5 square meters
  • No external power supply required
Floating weather station
  • Complete weather station on floating platforms
  • Up to 32 different variables measurement
  • Automatic data transfer from the station to the server
  • Mooring buoys to preserve the station direction afloat even when the tank level is changed (wind direction measurement)
Warning rain gauge station

Adjustable rain gauge and telemetry stations sets are suitable for the building of flood warning systems and individual measurement points.

  • Continuous calculation of the moving sum of precipitation
  • Automatic sending of warning SMS
  • Regular data transfer to the database server on the Internet
  • One piece and foldable masts
  • Designed for the weather stations based on the M4016, H7 or H1 telemetric stations