Measuring set-up for universities and research institutes

Special measuring configurations

We offer a delivery of several special measuring configurations which consist of different sensors and have a different type of construction in compliance with customers.

Meteorologic station placed on a water level in water tankMeasuring set-up for universities and research institutes

  • We installed a meteorological station with temperature sensors, atmospheric moisture sensors, pyranometers and pyrgeometers, for the HBU. This station is placed on a rustless float.
  • We developed a measuring station which controls automatics and measures quantity of water evaporation from water tank, for Meteoservis Company.
  • Other interesting application can be a hydrologic station placed above the lake water level. This station has usual sensors and sensors of solar radiation intensity which are placed in water.

Most of these installations need a single purpose signal converters or special mechanical holders and constructions. We supply their developing and delivering.

Sharp crested weirs

Thomson´s sharp crested weir on a small stream Our company has installed a great number of small sharp crested weirs for measurement of instantaneous flows in streams or little rivers. M4016 software has pre-set rating curves for basic types of sharp crested weirs.