The level and flow meters, probes of water quality parameters, weather stations, and all our other products are designed with regards to their long-term reliability and resistance to aggressive humid environments.

The telemetric stations, data loggers and measurement probes communicate via a uniform communication protocol. The protocol enables an easy interconnection into a bigger configurations (from measuring stations to extensive monitoring networks). The number of measured quantities can be expanded gradually.

All telemetric stations, including controllers and flow meters, can use the data hosting. The measured data is sent to a server at regular intervals or on request. The data stored on a server is accessible and re-editable to the authorized users from anywhere via a standard Web browser, or by using a mobile phone with an Internet connection. 


Telemetric stations and control units for the water industry
  • Comprehensive management of water industry facilities
  • Limnigraphic and telemetric stations, weather stations, warning systems
  • Built-in GSM/GPRS module: warning and control SMS, internet traffic
  • Software support for the interinstrument communication, timing and logic control of relays, ...
  • Modular system ensuring the high versatility of the stations
Small telemetric stations and data loggers
  • All common measurements in the water industry, the environmental monitoring
  • Battery operation up to 10 years for the telemetric stations and 20 years for the data loggers
  • External power supply for the continuous maintenance-free operation
  • Automatic data transmission to the database server via the GSM/GPRS network, warning SMS
  • Remote parametrization via a Web browser and the MOST software 
  • Reliable hydrometric and rain gauge stations
  • Flood and torrential rain warning
  • Data transmissions compatible with the network of limnigraphic stations operated by the Czech Hydro-meteorological Institute (ČHMÚ) and Povodí enterprises
  • Graphical and tabular visualization of data on a free accessible server
  • Affordable warning stations
Water level meters
  • Ultrasonic level meters ranging from 1m to 15m
  • Submersible hydrostatic probes for clean and waste water
  • Float probes with a wide measuring range up to 30m
  • Radar level probes for an accurate measurement
  • Sets for the measurement of levels and pressures in the water industry
Flow meters
  • Flow measurement in the open profile via the calculation from the rate equation
  • Doppler flow measurement in pipes and the sewer network
  • Transfer of measured data to the database server
  • Graphical and tabular visualization of measured data
  • Print of the monthly balances via a web browser
Oximeters, pH meters, conductivity, turbidity, and ORP probes
  • Separate probes for the pH measurement, dissolved oxygen, ORP, conductivity, and temperature
  • Sets of the probe and the calibration station for a fast calibration in the measurement point
  • Automatic recognition of the connected probe
  • Warning on expired recalibration interval
  • Rugged mechanical design adapted to a continuous operation in the water treatment plant environment.
Weather stations, probes and sensors
  • Complete weather stations and special measuring sets
  • Transducers for temperature and heat flux measuring
  • Rain gauges with accessories, soil moisture probes
  • Probes measuring the relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure
  • Global radiation probes, vane and ultrasonic anemometers
Home wastewater treatment control and monitoring
  • Customized software
  • Binary inputs and outputs
  • RS485 serial interface for the oximeter connection
  • Remote control via the built-in GSM module
  • Data transmission to the server for a remote management and control
Telemetric stations and data loggers accessories
  • AC power supplies and solar panels
  • Maintenance free batteries and lithium batteries
  • Antennas for the GSM and satellite communication
  • Communication cables
  • Weather station poles
  • SIM cards
Industrial and residential water meters
  • Wide range of water meters for small residential buildings and large industrial complexes
  • Electronic pulse probe connectable to all offered water meters
  • Easy connection to the M4016, STELA and Hydro Logger H1 telemetric stations