Water level meters


Non-contacting measurement of water and sewage level

  • Several types of probes ranging from 0 - 1 m to 0 - 25 m
  • Rise time < 2 s (suitable for battery powered kits)
  • Connectable to the M4016, STELA and H1 stations
  • Various types of brackets for a quick and easy installation
Radar level meters

Non-contacting level measurement of liquids and sewages

  • High accuracy ± 3mm
  • Measuring range up to 23 m, a very small dead zone
  • The output signal of 4-20 mA, two-wire connection
  • Various types and sizes of horn antennas including the encapsulating

Various mechanical and material design of probes for all of your applications

  • Continuous level measurement of the drinking and waste water
  • Measuring ranges from 40 cm to 100 m, accuracy up to 0.1%, stainless steel or ceramic diaphragms
  • Cable with capillary tube for pressure compensation with a filter
  • Connectable to the telemetric stations from FIEDLER
PSH-30 Float level meter
  • Mechanically rugged design
  • Level measurement in wells, boreholes, sumps, and water tanks
  • Measuring range 0 to 30 m, resolution of 1 mm
  • Non-contacting magnetic sensing method
  • Stainless steel bearings for long and reliable operation
  • Connectable to the M4016 and H1 stations via the RS485 interface and FINET protocol
NIVOFLOAT Float level switch
  • Float level switches for clean and waste water
  • Double encapsulation for high operational reliability
  • Non-mercury switching contact 250 V / 8 A - direct connection of the pump control
  • Working pressure of 200 kPa (NW-100 series)
  • Operating ambient temperature up to 50 ° C
Hydro Logger H40

Small compact Hydro Logger for the water industry and environmental monitoring

  • Compact stainless steel design with a diameter of only 40 mm, installation into narrow bores
  • Data transferring into the server via the GSM / GPRS module
  • Very low power consumption for long-term monitoring of sites without an external power supply
  • Low purchase price and operating costs, including the possibility of delivery of M2M SIM cards
  • Reliable probe provided in various ranges from 1 to 100 bars
  • Low price when standard ranges
  • Wide supply voltage range (2-wire) from 8V DC to 24V DC